We offer a wide range of services within the Oil & Gas industry to meet the needs of our customers.

Pipeline Construction and Maintenance

  • Poly and steel line construction 
  • DOT Regulated Pipelines
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Anomaly Inspection/Repair
  • Environmental BMP installation and maintenance 
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • ROW Repair and Brushogging

Midstream Facility/Wellsite Construction and Maintenance

  • Compressor Stations
  • Wellsite facility construction
  • Pump Stations/Meter Stations/Regulator Stations
  • Dehy Units
  • Amine Plants
  • Tank Batteries
  • New construction of gas processing and dehydration plants
  • Replacement of piping, vessels, valves and equipment of all sizes
  • Cleaning of dehydration units, meter runs, and gas compression coolers
  • Painting of compressor stations, processing plants, launchers/receivers, wellheads, etc.
  • General roustabout services 

Distribution/Utility Services

  • New Service Lines
  • High pressure distribution mains
  • Service Taps


  • Onsite welding and fabrication by certified welders
  • Shop fabrication of launchers/receivers, platforms, catwalks, ladders, etc.

Location Construction and Maintenance

  • Access roads and wellsite location construction
  • Aggregate hauling
  • Bush hogging of well sites and pipeline ROW
  • Erosion repairs and installation of new BMP’s for wellsite locations